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Soulium Radio is a 24/7 afrobeats live youtube channel. We offer you as a producer the opportunity to submit your music regardless of your current level. In other words, we just do not care if you are an amateur or a professional. Good music is good music.

Soulium Entertainment co worker with Viridi Tunes and Exer global. Soulium radio will have sevral music channels in near future. The current station is a afro Chill channel. Primarily now we are foucusing on soft afrobeats instrumentals with alot of melody. Listen to the samples below to understand the beats soulium are searching for.

Viridi Tunes

By submitting music to Soulium radio you get an account and a login on Viridi Tunes. The submission of tracks goes to Viridi tunes as well which will give you as producer/artist a wider marketing opportunity. That gives you as producer/artist a wider marketing. Viridi tunes is a major music platform that works with all types of afro music, so feel free to submit any music here and join the soulium entertainment!

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Your total revenue wallet is available in the menu on top when you register an account.

Share your beats, let the world hear, and get free publicity 24/7 world wide.

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