Lovisa Von Ille

Lovisa a girl with a strong back bone from the streets of Malmö who has always been an antagonist and has followed her own path in life. Despite her 20 years, she is a strong girl with experience and character as if she were ten years older.

Growing up with separated parents, she knows what it is like to manage the last penny, a true fighter. She has experienced injustices in many parts of the world, and therefore she stands for the exact opposite; justice should shine through every human being who walks the earth, regardless of color, background or size. We all have the same blood and the color is red.

Over the years in the restaurant industry, she has developed into a good connoisseur of people, and has broad knowledge about the common man. She is ready to take on the world and share her history, thoughts and experiences to anyone who is ready to hear her message. To be able to share her music with those who agree on a united future and a better path. She admire those who above all have a positive attitude regardless of adversity and background.

"We all have one life so u better live it" - Lovisa