About Soulium

World Wide Network, Media, Marketing, Publishing, Production, Radio and Recording studio.

Soulfull management with good vibes

Soulium Entertainment, inc. is a company built on a foundation of soulfull management with good vibes and an unlimited passion for Music.

Soulium Entertainment has a Worldwide Network and deep knowledge within Media, Marketing, Production and Publishing. Soulium also manage their online Radio channel and Recording studio. Our Visionary goals are to connect the Artist to their Dreams and Perfection.

How Soulium works

When we work with finding, developing and marketing our artists. We also sprinkle on innovation, creativity, and transparency - something we are very proud to have received attention for. We as a company will work hard to give our artists all the tools they need to break through the noise, and reach their dreams and hit us right in the heart with melodies, verses and choruses that only they can. We offer these four tools to artists who work with us.